Chinese Restaurant for sale

A 29-year old well-established Chinese restaurant located in a shopping plaza in the west side of Monroe County NY. Get Details Here Or Call Stephen Dipaolo for additional Information at 585-747-7912

Chinese Restaurants in Rochester

Wong's Kitchen
1801 East Ave
Rochester, NY 14610
(585) 256-1010
Comments: This take-out restaurant is at the corner of Winton and East Ave.. It's right by 490 so it's a very convenient location for anyone. The owners are friendly and they'll give you delicious big portions, enough to feed the whole family and more!

Chinese Restaurants in Churchville

Sunny Garden
12 South Main Street
Churchville, NY 14428

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Comments: I can't say enough good things about this restaurant. The food is great and the owners are very friendly. They can also tailor their food to your taste. Yes, really! Try their spicy Singapore Mei Fun. They also offer pointers on how to make Chinese dishes. Sadly, A&J decided to open their new business in Chili, NY. Look them up at Chili Paul Plaza soon. Their new business will be called A&J China Bistro. Sunny Garden is now operated by new owners.

Chinese Restaurants around RIT

China Gate
368 Jefferson Rd Rochester
Henrietta, NY 14623

Shanghai Chinese Restaurant
2920 West Henrietta Road
Rochester, New York 14623

Chinese Restaurants around UR

Chinese/Asian Grocery Stores around RIT

Asia Food Market
1885 Brighton Henrietta Town Line Rd.
Rochester, NY 14623

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Comments: This is the newest one among Asian groceries in Rochester. A friend of ours in the restaurant business told us about it. They have an amazing seafood section! I thought the Rochester Public Market fish market was great until I found this place. You can get live tilapia, crabs (stone and blue) and lobsters. If I tell you their grouper costs less than $4.00 per lb, would you believe me? I have to tell you that their grouper is pretty fresh. Try to get some at Pittsford's Wegmans and you will see the difference. It was $17.00 per lb last I bought some from there and it wasn't even that fresh. They have two full time guys that will help you clean out any fish or shellfish you get there. They have most other Asian imports like the other Asian grocery stores if not more. It's near the old BJ location in Henrietta. My wife also said their meat section is pretty good.

Lee's Oriental Food
900 Jefferson Road, Suite 1-1
Rochester NY, 14623
Comments: This joint has been in business for a long time. The owners are Korean but they carry all kinds of Asian food. They've fresh vege but the fish don't look so appetizing (I've never tried their fish). They've good selection of breakfast bun. You can also get cases of Yeoh's drinks. They also have some pastries out front near the checkout counter. People that work there are very friendly.

West Lake
85 Commerce Drive
Rochester NY, 14623
Comments: They have a live tank of tilapia. I'm not sure if they help clean for you but I think so. They've a good selection of spices.

Montessori School in Webster

Webster Montessori School and Wrap Around
1310 Five Mile Line Rd
Webster, NY 14580

Montessori School in Greece

Greece Montessori School
300 Chesterton Rd
Rochester, NY 14626

Montessori School in East Rochester

Trinity Montessori School
501 S Garfield St
East Rochester, NY 14445

Toyota Dealership in Henrietta

Dorschel Toyota
3399 West Henrietta Rd
Rochester, NY 14623

Toyota Dealership in Fairport

909 Fairport Road
East Rochester, NY 14445
Comments: Hoselton sells Toyotas, Nissans and Chevys. They also have a decent used car lot.

Toyota Dealership in Greece

Vanderstyne Toyota
4374 W Ridge Rd
Rochester, NY 14626

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Chinese Schools in Rochester

Saturday Chinese School in Brighton
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Comments: The Chinese language program for all ages and levels runs from 9:30 am to 11:15 am every Saturday except for public holidays. The teachers here use Mainland Mandarin and simplified Chinese. The tuition is $90/person/semester as of Fall 2007.

Saturday Chinese School in Brighton
Comments: The Chinese language program for all ages and levels runs from 9:30 am to 11:15 am every Saturday except for public holidays. The teachers here use Taiwanese Mandarin. The tuition is $240/person/year as of Fall 2012.

Excellent lawyer or attorney in Rochester

Tracy Jong Law Firm
2300 Buffalo Road, Building 100A
Rochester, NY 14624

Excellent doctor in Rochester

Oona Lim, MD
1815, Suite 610, Clinton Avenue South
Rochester, NY 14618

Places to take Kids

Rochester Museum and Science Center

Strong National Museum of Play

Seneca Park Zoo

Places to buy Computers and Printer Supplies

Places to buy Used and Cheap Stuff from Local People
Comments: You will have to try this for yourself. If you're looking to save a bundle, you will not be disappointed. Look for listings in Rochester NY. You'll find just about anything for sale or given away for free locally. You can also list your stuff for sale for free. The last time I had tools to get rid of, I listed on craigslist. I started my listing at 10pm Saturday night, by 10am the next day, all 5 pieces of tools were sold. There were at least 10 other email inquiries after that.


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Please call (585)615-5240 to list your business for free. I can't promise I will list your business but if it is one that benefits the local Asian community, I will definitely list it.